About Us

The company was formed in 1994 to provide a service to our many friends living in Australia, South Africa and Asia who were asking us to buy U.K Lottery tickets on their behalf. For over 25 years we have provided a trusted service to our friends all over the World and it is still run by the original founder!

Uknationallottery.com was among the very first companies to offer people living outside the UK the chance to play the UK Lottery. The National lottery change its name to National Lotto in 2002.

Since our early start the company has gone from strength to strength and players from nearly every country have played the Lottery using uknationallotto.com. It is a truly International Lottery Service.

Lottery players got a boost in 2004 when the EuroMillions Lottery was started with four European countries taking part and now 16 years later there are 9 countries taking part in the EuroMillions Lottery. EuroMillions Lottery is huge with jackpots going as high as £160 million and minimum jackpots of around £15 Million.

We at Uknationallotto.com take great care to make sure that the correct lottery numbers chosen by the player are placed. Our loyal staff diligently check the Lottery numbers after each draw and results are published on the Lottery web site. The Lotto and EuroMillions results are published twice a week. The National Lotto is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday and the EuroMillions Lottery every Tuesday and Friday.

The company operates from its offices in Newcastle in the North of England and prides itself on offering a personal service to people Worldwide who want to play the Lottery be it the UK Lotto or the EuroMillions Lottery.

If a Player has any questions regarding playing either lottery then an email with the relevant question will receive a prompt and personal reply.