Rules Terms and Conditions

'The National Lottery', means the official lottery run by the Camelot Group plc, which has no connection directly or indirectly with St Peters Marina Ltd, who act solely as an agent on behalf of the Member.

'Draw', means one game of "The National Lottery", either on Saturday or Wednesday or one game of Euro Millions on a Friday.

'Stake', means the sum of money needed to purchase a ticket in order to play "The National Lottery" or "Euro Millions" in which the player has agreed to participate.

'Agent', means St Peters Marina Ltd who will place the Stake on "The National Lottery" as agent on behalf of the participating overseas member.

'Member', means the person from overseas who has paid for and picked the numbers to be placed on "The National Lottery" by the Agent on his behalf.

2.0 Agent's Responsibilities

The Agent (acting as a sales agent for the member) Will:

  1. Receive and authorise all membership forms and confirm numbers to be played.
  2. Place Stakes received in advance from Members in a bank account separate from the Agent’s main bank account.
  3. On behalf of the Member sell tickets to the Member bearing the Members agreed numbers for the amount of the Members Stake and inform them of the starting date, approximately one working day from receiving the Membership form. Attempt to email a copy of the purchased ticket before the draw.
  4. On behalf of the Member collect any prize money in respect of the ticket and account to the Member for the total amount of prize money won by the Member, less the commission due to the Agent in accordance with Rule 2.1.(f).
  5. Prize moneys up to [£100] will be collected in cash by the Agent on behalf of the Member and remitted to the Member in accordance with Rule 2.1(f). Prize moneys above [£100] will be credited to a special account in the name of a director of the Agent in trust for the Agent in its capacity as agent for the winning Members and thereafter remitted to the Member in accordance with Rule 2.1(f)
  6. Credit the winning Member's Credit Card or send a cheque or bank transfer of all prize money owing to the Member less a ten percent administration charge which shall be retained by the Agent and any bank charges incurred from the transaction.

If any Member fails to pay in full the Stake amount to the Agent in advance of any Stake by the agreed deadline, the Agent may (but shall not be obliged to) pay that individual Stake on the Member's behalf and, if the Agent does so, the Member will reimburse the Agent forthwith upon demand.

The Agent shall not be liable to any Member for the any loss or damage arising out of any failing of the Stake by "The National Lottery", provided that the Agent has acted honestly. The Agent accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the numbers placed.

Member's Responsibilities

The Member will pay their individual Stakes to the Agent in advance of each Draw by the agreed deadline. The deadline is 12 noon GMT on the day of play.

The Member will check that the correct numbers are on the copy of the ticket received. Any discrepencies must be notified to the Agent before the draw.

The Member will check the results section and claim any winnings.

4.0 Ceasing to be a Member

A Member shall be removed from the Agent agreement:

If the Member wishes to cease playing the game after the full payment of any Stakes.

At the discretion of the Agent, if the Member fails to pay his individual Stake in accordance with Rule 3 in respect of any 8 weeks whether consecutive or non-consecutive.

At the discretion of the Agent, if the Member fails to reimburse the Agent in accordance with Rule 2.2.

5.0 This Agreement

It shall be the responsibility of the Agent to update and amend this agreement. Any such amendment, other than the removal of a member in accordance with Rule 4.

The Member in this agreement will have the Stakes placed in all draws as agreed in the membership email confirmation that shall be given by email address to the email address you provided to during the registration process. Alternatively, we may give you notice by certified mail, postage prepaid, to the address provided to us during the registration process.

The governing Law shall be that of England.